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Five things that you can do to enhance your business/band/organisation/community presence on Facebook

Number One

Do you have a Facebook Page? Formerly known (ever so slightly embarrassingly) as a “fan” page. You’re risking the wrath of Facebook if you run an account as your business, rather than using your real name, as you’ll be in breach of the terms and conditions. There are also a few advantages to promoting yourself with a Facebook page. Here’s the official differentiation between the two –

It’s a great way to drive traffic to your site from Facebook and also very simple to set up and use Facebook’s Social plugins to drive traffic from your website to your Facebook page.

Number Two

Did you get your short Facebook address? It surprises me how often people have overlooked this option but it will make your page far easier to remember and find. You used to need 25 “likes” on a page before you could get a Facebook username but that seems to have changed (oh no it hasn’t I read earlier too!), don’t forget Facebook is in a constant state of flux/forever evolving/bleedin’ nightmare – depending on your own perspective, I love it me 😉

Facebook Username

Choose a unique Facebook username and short address

Go to and make sure that you’ve selected the correct page before you set the name.

Number Three

It’s a great way to separate your business self from your personal self. There are plenty of privacy options available now and with lists it’s possible to share selectively amongst your “friends” on your personal account. Your business (or whatever it is your promoting) page is a great way to focus on one topic though and will attract people to “like” it that might be unsure about adding you as a “friend”. Don’t forget it’s an extra feature too, you can still use your personal account to spread the word as yourself.

Number Four

Page insights (a simple kind of analytics for Facebook pages) are a great way to view how people interact with your page. You can see what content was the most compelling, when users interact (and possibly see the best time to post?) and they show demographics too. They’re particularly useful if you run Facebook ad’s too, so that you can monitor your ad spend more closely.

Number Five

OK so what if you’re convinced that you need a page but you’ve been running a Facebook account as your business for sometime and you’re wary about losing all of those contacts? You could create a page and then use that account to ask your account’s “friends” to “like” your new page. Or you could skip forward and convert your account to a page using Facebook’s own conversion option to convert a profile (now known as a “timeline” of course) to a Facebook Page. More here –
If you take that route don’t forget to warn your profile’s “friends” first about the change over as once you’ve converted you’ll no longer have access to the old accounts messaging.
If you already have an account AND a page you can even convert the account to a page and then merge the two – – be aware that this can take quite sometime though and there are a few options that need to be set first.

If you don’t have a page yet but think it’s for you here’s the link – – good luck feel free to give me a shout and share your new page.

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