Published on November 17th, 2011 | by Kev Adams


Google Music

I don’t want to keep posting about Google. I don’t think that they’re quite the “not evil” entity that they set out to be but this evening I’m genuinely impressed at how Google Music seems to be developing. Except for one irritating factor it’s STILL U.S. ONLY.

But it will apparently be free for life, up to a 20,000 song upload limit and they’re also supporting independent artists with a 70/30 deal!

I can’t download and use the mobile app yet but do have an account and it works via my mobile’s browser or a standard web browser.

I’m intrigued at the song/artist suggestion feature too, and hoping it’s nearly as good as Having new music 30 second song previews is underwhelming but full song sharing with friends is a bit more like it.

No access to the shop yet either from the UK. Here’s hoping it’s officially coming soon.

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