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Published on October 9th, 2010 | by Kev Adams


Firefox Beta 4 for Android

I’ve recently installed Firefox beta 4 and been impressed so far. It’s not so quick to pinch zoom in and out as I’m used to but apart from that it’s quite quick to use and seems stable so far too.  I particularly like the built in sync feature which along with the Firefox Sync Add on for earlier versions of Firefox, I can use it to keep my desktop and mobile versions in sync.  Especially useful to sync bookmarks and even history although I’m just a bit too paranoid to store passwords in the cloud, particularly when I’m testing beta software.

I tried an early Firefox 4 pre-alpha version “Fennec” for Android a while ago but found it fairly unusable.  As to be expected for an alpha version it wasn’t especially stable but it was also quite slow, nothing like the slick easy to use built in android browser. As Android 2.1 was also a memory hog (all applications had to be installed to the relatively limited phone memory rather than SD card) it wasn’t worth the overhead of keeping a rarely used app on the phone.

I’m very impressed for the short time I’ve been testing this beta 4 version though.  It’s a massive improvement on Fennec and looks promising for the future.

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