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Published on October 7th, 2010 | by Kev Adams


The NEW Facebook groups

I couldn’t help myself when I found the new groups feature, I HAD to have a play with it. And sad as it maybe I love playing with social networks new features and wondering at new possibilities. It’s endless!

Here’s the new link – – plenty of new features and a new interface. A full breakdown would warrant a new article.

I’ve been recommending that businesses and organisations set up Facebook pages and not groups for quite a while as the writing has been on the wall for sometime now.  Not the “Facebook wall” that would be a pun too far.

This new feature is enormous though. I listened to the live press conference and my first reaction was that this was Facebook emulating Diaspora‘s “aspects”. Diaspora is built on the foundation of separate social groups called aspects. You can share with each of your aspects separately or share with them all at once. [Interestingly Diaspora also ties in quite nicely with Facebook’s other big new announcement yesterday – the ability to “own” and download your own data. Diaspora promises to be able to import data from elsewhere to help build new accounts.  Mark Zuckerberg has supported Diaspora publicaly and financially too.]

Google Me – Google’s own new social network is rumoured to hit any time now and research from the company suggests that social groups will be fundamental to this too.

Facebook has the user base though and it looks like they got in there first.  It’ll be interesting to see where this goes next.

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