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Published on May 14th, 2010 | by Kev Adams


Mouse free week

I’ve always been a bit disappointed by the mouse, no matter how many buttons are added or how you move your fingers to scroll.  It still feels like just having one finger to wave around and select items within a scrolling window.

I’m also prone to RSI and had to learn to use my left hand too about 14 years ago.  That way I can use my right hand until the RSI pain in the wrist kicks in and then rest my right hand by switching to my left, until the RSI kicks in on the left.  Not ideal but workable.  I even tried an evoluent vertical mouse for sometime (probably at least 12 months) until I ended up with an even more painful RSI from constant use of that (all the buttons are on one side so it’s not possible to switch hands).

This week I’ve switched to a Wacom bamboo pen and touch so can use either hand to use it as a large desktop track pad.

It took two or three days of imaginary mouse grabbing as despite using a laptop away from the desk I’ve always had a mouse at the desk.  It’s become second nature now though so who knows, maybe the RSI’s have gone for a while?  Here’s hoping 😉

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