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Published on April 26th, 2010 | by Kev Adams


Facebook Open Graph and two way site linking

For so long commentators and bloggers have been speculating on the rise of facebook not to mention it’s profitability and walled garden mentality.

And here’s Open Graph.  There are privacy issues to be sure but most of these can be taken care of by locking down your Facebook account.  My main concern would be that Facebook privacy options should default to private rather than open.  So that less technically minded users are protected from the start.  Facebook would much rather we shared as much information as possible though as that’s what adds value to their enormous network of users.

What I love about Open Graph though is that it’s a two way street.  Users can easily “single click” a “like” or “recommend” button on any site and as long as they’re logged in to Facebook they can share their link automatically or even comment on it easily too.  There are a fair few features already available at launch time.

I was really pleased to see the term “like” appear as a replacement for “become a fan” and in this context it makes more sense still.  It’s easy enough to change the verb from “like” to “recommend” within the developer settings if that’s more suitable too.

Here’s the facebook developer link to several social plugins that are already available –

I had started to wonder if the ever growing sub-set of the web that was Facebook (and certainly Social Networking as a phenomenon) would soon BE the web for many people.

Rather than making websites redundant Open Graph has added value.  For now at any rate.  Can’t wait to see what happens next hehe!

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