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Published on April 15th, 2010 | by Kev Adams


Automating Social Network Posts?

Not always a good idea but it can be a real time saver and a great way to reach different networks without multiple logins, duplicate posting or re-editing content.

Not all networks suit the same content though.

Like a lot of people I’ve used the official twitter facebook application on occasion to post tweets to facebook.  It’s a fairly easy solution to get status updates and tweets in sync but it’s important not to forget to engage with the audience.  It’s not just a one way conversation any more.  It seems obvious but it’s all too easily forgotten, social networking is social by definition.

Using the old retweet syntax (RT ….) on twitter means that your tweet will show up on your facebook status via the application so will that make sense?

Building active facebook pages can be much more useful than just building a personal account and here the solutions to automate posting seem a little more restricted.  I’ve used Social RSS and NetworkedBlogs facebook applications to send a website RSS feed to a facebook page.  Social RSS seems to work the most seamlessly and unintrusively of the two although to use it beyond a trial period you need to pay a subscription.  Or you’ll see the speed of posts slow right down until it seems almost intermittent.  Social RSS does also have the option of a box on the front page too though, not just a tab.  Which is a great way to link to previous web articles.

I’m still not sure about NetworkedBlogs.  It seems OK but the hoops that you’ll need to get through to set it up and manual refreshing of content make me wonder if I’m saving any time at all.

My favourite solution for juggling multiple accounts is still Hootsuite and in the few weeks that I’ve been using it I’ve been really impressed by new features, ease and speed of use.  It’s easy to modify each post to suit each social network from one place and you can monitor the networks up to a point too.  One new feature just this week implements automated RSS feed posting.  Not so detailed a post as the other two solutions but it’s fast and it’s free.  If only it didn’t use Hootsuite’s URL shortening service which pops up a Hootsuite toolbar when a user clicks on the link.  Apart from that it gets my vote.

Ultimately it all comes down to time though doesn’t it.  Ideally each social network should be approached according to it’s target audience and it’s own technical or defacto protocols.  But if it’s a simple one or two liner with a link you can probably share it across them all.

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