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Published on March 10th, 2010 | by Kev Adams


Open Source

I’ve been a big supporter of free and open source software for longer than I care to remember.  Although things have improved a lot since the days of exchanging 3.5 inch floppy disks and logging on with text based consoles and 2400 baud modems.

The sites I build use industry standard servers using variants of the open source GNU/Linux operating system, the apache webserver and many other free and open source tools that we take for granted.  Windows based servers seem to get hit by a new vulnerability every few weeks, often affecting tens (or hundreds) of thousands of servers, spreading malware or the inconvenience of being hacked or taken off line.

This site is an example of some of the great Open Source solutions that are available to build sites and uses the incredibly flexible WordPress blogging package and a heavily edited theme  Atahualpa from

For community based sites or sites where several users will be contributing content other solutions exist such as Joomla from or Drupal

Depending on a sites requirements they can all make excellent choices to quickly put a great looking and powerful site together.  Off the shelf solutions like this tend to be a lot cheaper than bespoke sites too.  I do those too of course but I am a BIG fan of open source solutions.

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